angry, Maicon is expelled and Diego Souza takes the judge’s card

The Grêmio players were upset with the refereeing of Ricardo Marques Ribeiro in the 1-0 defeat to Corinthians, today (28), at the Arena. After Maicon received a red card for a complaint after Jô’s goal, Diego Souza even took the yellow card from the referee’s hand, protesting against another decision.

The center forward’s picturesque move came 44 minutes into the second half. Cassio had left the goal and committed a foul outside the area minutes before. Seeing that the referee did not expel the Corinthians goalkeeper, Diego complained a lot. Gesturing with his hands, visibly upset, he even took the referee’s yellow card and held it for a few moments. Displeased, there was no other alternative but to return the card to the judge.

It didn’t do much good. Before the end of the match, the same yellow card that had been in his hands was presented to him, again for complaining about the decisions of the refereeing team.

Before the picturesque moment starring Diego, Maicon had been expelled. As soon as Jô’s head conclusion swelled Chapecó’s net after a free kick, the steering wheel went towards the referee. Screaming and gesticulating a lot, he demanded that the fault that originated the move had not occurred.

Maicon had to be controlled by colleagues and even opponents in his protest against Ricardo Marques. First, he was given a yellow card, but continued on aggressive work until he was expelled.

Before leaving the field, Maicon complained a little more and transpired the tone above the common that was evident in Grêmio players.

The irritation can be justified in the campaign so far at the Brazilian Nationals. In 17th place with 16 points, the team from Rio Grande do Sul did not leave the relegation zone and lives with the last positions since the start of the championship.