Aracy Balabanian causes when showing the middle finger on Globo in the middle of Saturday morning; know the reason!

Aracy Balabanian shows her middle finger at Globo (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

The actress Aracy Balabanian became a topic on social networks this Saturday morning (28), when it appeared live on Globe and, unintentionally, showing the middle finger.

It all started when the presenter Patricia Poet started talking to the veteran and showed a little of her brilliant artistic trajectory on the small screens.

Moved, Aracy talked about a real-life piece that she usually takes to soap operas, a ring she wears on her finger, which has great affective value.

He was given by his mother and always uses it when playing rich characters, but hides when his role is that of a more humble person.

That’s when, as she spoke, she ended up showing the middle finger. The photo out of context immediately began to be shared on the internet.

It is worth remembering that Aracy is part of the risk group and has not yet stepped on Globo Studios to shoot your first scenes in the more life the better. next 19:00 soap opera, which was started recently.

The 80-year-old actress has been spared the recordings, according to the column by Patrícia Kogut, from UOL, and the reason for the care for the veteran to be redoubled is the fact that her health is fragile.

Earlier this year, for example, she struggled with illness when she was diagnosed with a respiratory crisis. The health framework took her to the Intensive Care Center (CTI) of Clínica São José.

She was even submitted to a coronavirus test, but tested negative at the time. In Mauro Wilson’s plot, the actress will be part of the core of Giovanna Antonelli, with whom she starred in Sol Nascente (2016).

Starring Mateus Solano, Vladimir Brichta, Valentina Herszage and Giovanna Antonelli, the serial will follow the characters destined for the four – a heart surgeon, a football player, a singer and the owner of a cosmetics company – suffer a plane crash .

In Heaven they are informed that there has been a mistake and sent back to Earth; aware, however, that one of them will in fact die within a year.

Globo is already working on a projection for the premiere of Quem Mais Vida Melhor, aimed at the month of April 2021, after the screening of the 53 chapters programmed in the second phase of Salve-se Quem Puder.

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