Aracy Balabanian cries with surprise tribute and remembers the deaths of Paulo José and Tarcísio Meira | It’s from Home

The surprise began with the testimonies of Marisa Orth, Juca de Oliveira and Marcello Novaes, friends with whom she has worked. Marisa remembered the first time alongside Aracy in her debut in soap operas in Rainha da Sucata and the unforgettable partnership in Sai de Baixo. Juca recalled that he met Aracy when he was still a student of the dramatic arts, and Marcello was happy to talk about the privilege of having been his mother in three soap operas: Rainha da Sucata, Deus nos Acuda and Sol Nascente. Aracy couldn’t hold back her tears after the tribute:

Patrícia also spoke about the losses of great artists during the pandemic, leaving Aracy even more moved: “It was very painful, but that’s what remains. We lost in just one week, I won’t talk about all of them… in fact, I’m talking about all of them on behalf of these two. At night it was Paulo José and, in the morning, when I was talking to my friends who are in New York and my goddaughter, I receive the news of Tarcisio’s death. We cry together… The loss of these two, who represent so many losses, of so many Brazilians is something so strong…”, he said.

Aracy also received the singer’s testimonials Adriana Calcanhoto, from the friend and director Denise Saraceni and the goddaughter Antonia, who can’t wait to meet up with dinda. In a very good mood, she also talked about her comedy-oriented work and joked in the quiz “I already, I never”. Watch the full interview in the video!

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