Ariadna recalls suffering with Covid-19: ‘I thought I was going to die’ | Pop & Art

A participant in the last edition of No Limite, Ariadna made an outburst on social networks about the period in which she faced the coronavirus. She was diagnosed with the disease a year ago.

“I thought I was going to die and I already gave all my passwords to my sister Renata. But I didn’t need to be intubated”, recalled Ariadana, who also participated in Big Brother Brasil.

Ariadna tells how she won Covid — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

She says the initial symptoms were similar to isolation or “a normal flu due to the 40-degree heat and too much air conditioning, beach”.

At home, in Italy, Ariadna says that she started to have chills, a fever of 38 degrees and lost her sense of smell. After deciding to seek medical help, he spent 13 days in hospital.

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“When I arrived at another hospital, the nurse on duty said that I had a small lung infection. The next day, the doctor came to see me and told me that it was not a small infection. But that my entire lung was taken. that she didn’t know how I was still breathing”

Ariadna says she didn’t need to be intubated because she responded well to the medications. But the treatment had to be stopped because of a liver problem.

“I beat Covid. But I thought I was going to die… I hope this nightmare ends soon! And that the world goes back to normal soon #covid_19.”