Arnaldo Ribeiro: Tiago Volpi is a common goalkeeper who wins as the top – 08/28/2021

Goalkeeper Tiago Volpi failed again in a knockout game for São Paulo during the season and complicated a game in which Hernán Crespo’s team had a significant advantage, but ended up drawing 2-2, at home, with Fortaleza for the Cup of Brazil last Wednesday. He had already been criticized for playing in the elimination for Palmeiras in the fall for Libertadores.

on the podcast Ball possession #155, Arnaldo Ribeiro states that the São Paulo goalkeeper is not decisive like others in Brazilian football, but it has a high cost and worsens his situation in front of fans with the repeated failures he has committed in important games.

“Tiago Volpi is a common goalkeeper who wins as a top goalkeeper, who was hired as a top goalkeeper, but he is a common goalkeeper and this season, let’s say, increased his level of failures. So he is a goalkeeper who has a great virtue, which is that one-on-one dispute with the attacker when he goes out in front of the goal, but he has serious problems in goal exit, he doesn’t fit balls and there’s a question that maybe it is, I don’t know exactly when it came, but a certain trauma of shocks, that he’s a goalkeeper who doesn’t collide with anyone, I’ve never seen such a thing,” says Arnaldo.

“It’s a goalkeeper who doesn’t share with anyone, he’s afraid to share, and the goal he concedes from Fortaleza is a fear, a fear of going to a split ball on the ground. And then Yago Pikachu plays for the empty goal. So Volpi had failed in both matches against Palmeiras and in the match against Fortaleza, in the knockout matches of São Paulo, that’s all. São Paulo doesn’t have a center forward that defines, Pablo swings too much, and doesn’t have a goalkeeper that defines “, complete.

In the opinion of the journalist, among the goalkeepers of the Serie A clubs, Volpi is one of those who least decide games in favor of his team, considering that there are others like Weverton at Palmeiras, Cássio at Corinthians, Éverson at Atlético-MG, Diego Alves at Flamengo and Santos in Athletico-PR that make a difference as the São Paulo goalkeeper has not been able to do.

“São Paulo has a player who defines it as Rigoni, this is a finding, this is a not so expensive player and in the fullness of his career in terms of age, he is a guy who can even be sold later, he is a guy who he is at the peak of his career. This guy has been taking São Paulo on his back, offensively and in defense, there when he needs a goalkeeper, he doesn’t have it,” says Arnaldo.

“If you take the teams from Serie A, the 20 teams, São Paulo has one of the less decisive goalkeepers in Serie A. Atlético-MG has better, Flamengo has better, Palmeiras has better, Corinthians has better, Santos has better, then you increase the list, Athletico-PR has better, and Volpi is among the highest paid. Volpi is not a decisive goalkeeper and is a goalkeeper, oddly enough, fearful in the sense of shock. I don’t know what the explanation is, what is the trauma that makes him, as a goalkeeper, not to share a single ball,” he concludes.

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