Atlético-MG reduces, in court, millionaire debt with Bertolucci

Atlético-MG continues working to resolve its old debts with businessmen in the football world. If it is still in litigation with André Cury, the club reached an agreement with another relevant international agent: Giuliano Bertolucci. In a statement, Galo’s board informed that an old dispute with the athletes’ representative was reduced by almost R$ 6 million.

“Athletic obtained an expressive result at the TJMG [Tribunal de Justiça de Minas Gerais], with a reduction of almost six million reais in the debt with businessman Giuliano Bertolucci, player agent”, says the beginning of the official note issued by the club alvinegro this Saturday (28).

The Atletico report does not give details of the debt, only mentions that the amount refers to “transactions carried out in the past”, which exceeded R$ 11 million, and which had the help of Bertolucci.

The vice president of Galo, the lawyer José Murilo Procópio, celebrated the agreement and valued the alvinegro jurists. “Another effective action by our legal department,” he said.

Read the full note from Atlético-MG

Atlético obtained an expressive result in the TJMG, with a reduction of almost six million reais in its debt to businessman Giuliano Bertolucci, a player broker.

The debt, which refers to transactions carried out in the past, exceeded 11 million reais and was reduced to 5.1 million reais.

“It was a great victory”, says the vice president of Galo, José Murilo Procópio. “Another effective performance by our legal department”.

Atlético’s board of directors continues to work tirelessly to remedy the Club’s financial disputes.

The goal is to make Galo an economically sustainable club and a reference in football and management.