Balneário Camboriú carries out work to increase the beach’s sand strip – Brazil

FLORIANÓPOLIS – The promise of the mayor Fabrício de Oliveira (We can) is that next summer the shadows of the skyscrapers of Camboriu Spa, in Santa Catarina will no longer interfere with bathing in the central beach. By October, the municipality intends to complete the largest beach grounding ever done in the Latin America.

The expansion works, whose contract is worth R$ 66.8 million, started in March. The project foresees an increase of 25 meters in width to 70 meters by October, according to the forecast of the local management. The city hall organized an event for the arrival of the dredger that will remove material from the seabed and increase the sand strip.

On the beach, men and machines will do the work of spreading the new sand, which, at first, will be dark, but as it dries, it will have a natural hue. The work is carried out by the binational consortium DTA Engenharia, Brazilian, and the Belgian Jan De Nul. “We brought to Balneário Camboriú the most modern dredger in the world, the same one that made the palm trees in Dubai and the Suez Canal,” stated the mayor.

According to Oliveira, part of the work (studies and projects) was funded by the private sector, through Instituto + BC. The rest was financed and can be amortized with grant funds collected from the beach projects, which already have one of the most expensive square meters in the country.

On the other hand, the municipality promises a wide area of ​​leisure, completely revitalized, by the sea, for the population. To the entrepreneurs, the municipal administration affirms that the announcement of the work has already brought value to the local enterprises. Specialists are cautious about dredging and widening the beach projects, given the risks to the local fauna and flora.