Banco do Brasil promotes online auction of residential and commercial properties | Properties

O Bank of Brazil (BB) will perform a auction of 27 residential and commercial properties on the next 31st at 11 am. The bids, which vary between BRL 53 thousand and BRL 6.9 million, can be done through the portal Auction bid.

Among the options are 10 apartments, three houses, a farm, 10 deactivated outbuildings and three commercial properties in the states of São Paulo, Santa Catarina and Paraná.

In the region of Tatuapé, in São Paulo, it is possible to buy an apartment with a total area of ​​99.71m² for R$ 118 thousand. In Sao Jose do Rio Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, an apartment with 98.05 m² of private area, located in Vila Imperial, receives bids from R$ 90 thousand. In Jordan Fields, a farm located on a 12 thousand m² farm costs R$ 135 thousand.

In Palmital, at the Paraná, interested parties can purchase commercial rooms with an area of ​​202 m² for R$ 115 thousand. In Garopaba, in Santa Catarina, two plots of land, with a built-up area of ​​1,295.88 m², can be purchased for R$ 616 thousand.

Banco do Brasil will be responsible for the settlement of any amounts of IPTU, ITR, CCIR, laudêmio (transaction fee for the Union) and condominium until the registration of the transfer of the property to the bidder is completed.

To participate in the auctions, a registration on the portal is required. Auction bid up to 48 hours in advance. The full notice of offers can also be accessed through the site.

Check out the opportunities:

  • Lot 01: PALMITAL (PR) – Two commercial rooms, with an area of ​​202 m², loc. Rua José Basílio de Oliveira, 20 – Center – Palmital – PR. Minimum Bid: R$73 thousand.
  • Lot 02 – CAMPOS DO JORDÃO (SP) – Farm – Parque do Ferradura allotment, former Natal or Fojo Farm, of 12 thousand m², R Road, no number – Campos do Jordão. Minimum Bid: R$ 121 thousand.
  • Lot 03 – FERNANDÓPOLIS (SP) – Deactivated BB facility – A building with a land area of ​​726 m², loc. Avenida Amadeu Bizelli, 1.056 – Fernandópolis – SP. Minimum Bid: R$2.367 million.
  • Lot 04 – IPAUSSU (SP) – Commercial building with an area of ​​125.40 m², loc. Rua Washington Luiz, 844 – Downtown – Ipaussu – SP. Minimum Bid: R$ 60 thousand.
  • Lot 05 – JABOTICABAL (SP) – Dependence disabled BB – A building and its land, loc. 9 de Julho Square n° 113/119/125/135, Center – Jaboticabal – SP. Minimum Bid: R$1.791 million.
  • Lot 06 – LORENA (SP) – Deactivated BB – A building with ac 620.80 m² and with at 523.05 m², loc. Rua Barão de Castro Lima 23/35 – Lorena – SP. Minimum Bid: R$2.241 million.
  • Lot 07 – MONTE APRAZÍVEL (SP) – Deactivated BB – Building with att of 744.48 m², loc. Monteiro Lobato Street – Monte Aprazível-SP. Minimum Bid: R$1.152 million.
  • Lot 08 – NOVA ODESSA (SP) – Deactivated BB – Commercial building with an area of ​​693 m² and up to 700 m², loc. at Rua Duque de Caxias, 600 – Nova Odessa – SP. Minimum Bid: R$861 thousand.
  • Lot 09 – PERUÍBE (SP) – A residence with 95 m² ac and 350 m² at, loc. Rua São Caetano do Sul, – Jd. São João de Peruíbe – Center – Peruíbe SP. Minimum Bid: R$ 80 thousand.
  • Lot 10 – PORTO FERREIRA (SP) – Dependence disabled BB – Building with at. 450 m², location Rua Cel. Procópio de Carvalho 654, in Porto Ferreira – SP. Minimum Bid: R$ 162 thousand.
  • Lot 11 – RIBEIRÃO PRETO (SP) – Deactivated BB – Commercial building with ac 1,382 m² and 529.92 m² at, loc. Rua Duque de Caxias, 425, Centro – Ribeirão Preto – SP. Minimum Bid: R$ 2,700 million.
  • Lot 12 – RIO CLARO (SP) – A building (house) within a plot of 532 m², loc. 24th Street, Jd. Nova Rio Claro – Rio Claro SP. Minimum Bid: R$ 71 thousand.
  • Lot 13 – SALTO (SP) – Dependence disabled BB – Building with ac 1,240 m² and at 1,014.95 m², loc. Rua 9 de Julho n° 26 – Salto – SP. Minimum Bid: R$2.966 million.
  • Lot 14 – SANTA BÁRBARA D’OESTE (SP) – Dependence disabled BB – Building with at1,045.37m², loc. Rua XV de Novembro 859 – Santa Barbara D’Oeste – SP. Minimum Bid: R$3.758 million.
  • Lot 15 – SÃO CAETANO DO SUL (SP) – Apartment, Ed.51, Cond. Paraguatã, loc. Rua Humberto Fernando Fortes, 260 – Pq. Resid. From the Radialistas, au 51.76 m², ac 4.64 m², up to 56.40 m², an open space. Minimum Bid: R$91 thousand.
  • Lot 16 – SANTOS (SP) – Apartment au 171,480m², ac 76.4536m² and at. 247.9336m², two spaces, loc. Rua Bahia, 23, Ed. Memphis, Santos – SP. Minimum Bid: R$ 306 thousand.
  • Lot 17 – SANTOS (SP) – Dependence disabled BB – Building and its land, loc. Rua Dom Pedro II 49 – Santos – SP. Minimum Bid: R$ 6.944 million.
  • Lot 18 – SÃO JOSÉ DO RIO PRETO (SP) – Apartment, Block A, Ed. Sun Flower, with 98.05m² ap and 22, m² of ac area, loc. Rua Benjamin Constant, 3665, Vila Imperial, São José do Rio Preto SP. Minimum Bid: R$ 81 thousand.
  • Lot 19 – SÃO PAULO (SP) – Residence within a plot of 171.18 m², loc. Rua Major Valter Carlson, in the 13th Sub-District Butantã – SP. Minimum Bid: R$ 125 thousand.
  • Lot 20 – SÃO PAULO (SP) – Apartment, Ed. Paulina, with ap 68.18 m², ac 44.16 m² and up to 112.34 m², parking space. with up to 12.82m², loc. Rua Jesuíno de Brito, 303 – Parish of Ó – SP. Minimum Bid: BRL 114 thousand
  • Lot 21 – SÃO PAULO (SP) – Apartment, Ed. Zaclis, with ac 54,079m², loc. Rua da Graça, nºs 701, 705 and 711, in the 15th Sub-district – Bom Retiro – SP. Minimum Bid: R$86 thousand.
  • Lot 22 – SÃO PAULO (SP) – Apartment Bl. B and the parking space, Conj. Res. Rio das Pedras, loc. Rua Engenheiro Guilherme Cristiano Frender, nº 443 – 27th Sub-district Tatuapé – SP. Minimum Bid: R$ 107 thousand.
  • Lot 23 – SÃO PAULO (SP) – Apartment. Ed. Pine or bl. 5, Cond. Vila Verde address, with au 56.78m2, to 39.76m2, a.gar. 17.642m², up to 114.182m², loc. Rua Trajano Reis, 144, 13th Sub-district, Butantã – SP. Minimum Bid: R$92 thousand.
  • Lot 24 – SAN VICENTE (SP) – Apartment., Ed. Príncipe, au 84,030m², ac of 109,670m², loc. Avenida Presidente Wilson, 477 – São Vicente – SP. Minimum Bid: R$72 thousand.
  • Lot 25 – SÃO VICENTE (SP) – Apartment, Ed. Manchester, Bl. B, – Conj. United Kingdom, au 63.52m², ac 48.762m2, a. garg. 12m², indeterminate with the help of a valet, at 124,282m². location José Bonifácio ,147 – São Vicente-SP. Minimum Bid: R$ 77 thousand.
  • Lot 26 – SÃO VICENTE (SP) – Apartment. Ed. Leonardo II, au 52.40m², 38.65m², up to 91.05M², loc. Rua Leonardo Nunes, 276 – Pq. São Vicente – São Vicente – SP. Minimum bid: R$ 47,200.
  • Lot 27 – GAROPABA (SC) – Two plots totaling an area of ​​788.13m², with a total built-up area of ​​1,295.88m². Located at Travessa Benevenuto Gonçalves da Silva – Centro – Garopaba – SC. Minimum Bid: R$ 616 thousand.

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