Barbara Evans cries with embryo biopsy: ‘Three healthy’

In a new update on her in vitro fertilization process, Barbara Evans was thrilled to say that the result of the biopsy performed on seven fertilized embryos was not what she expected:

It will start with crying. You can see I was already crying. The biopsy result came out. From seven embryos, we had three, three healthy. We wanted four, we needed four. Barbara Evans

She says that the doctor recommended that she capture eggs for two more menstrual cycles, but Barbara talked to her husband and the couple decided to continue the process with three embryos:

The doctor recommended doing two more cycles of egg capture, followed now. But I don’t have… I don’t have the emotional structure to do two more months in a row now. So I talked to my husband and, if God wanted it that way, so do we.

They will use two of the embryos and freeze the third one: “If it doesn’t work… I know we always have to think on the bright side, but we have to be aware of what might happen. So if it doesn’t work out none of the embryos, the two that we are going to place, we are going to undergo a new capture”.

“It was our option, the doctor spoke her opinion, but when we said that we already wanted to put it on, and didn’t want to do more funding, she agreed and supported it. And this is the most beautiful thing about her,” said the model.