Bitcoin back to $50,000: ‘crisis brought perfect storm to cryptoactives’

Bitcoin appreciated 45% in one month and is trying to return to the record of April, when it reached almost US$ 65,000. A unit of the cryptocurrency is currently worth almost US$ 50 thousand and, according to specialists, the trend is to reach US$ 100 thousand by the end of the year. However, before investing it is important to understand currency fluctuation and volatility.

Entrepreneur Gustavo Yamashiro has always invested in more traditional markets, such as real estate funds, Tesouro Direto and stocks, and had a back foot when it came to bitcoins. Until, in 2019, he decided to take a risk and invested only 1% of his own equity. Today, it has increased to 5%. He considers himself a moderate investor.

“Many people end up investing more than they can in cryptocurrencies, because of the valuations and, often, they are not prepared for an eventual fall. So these 5%, for me, are of good size”, he said.

The world’s most famous cryptocurrency topped $50,000 this week for the first time in three months, amid renewed investor interest in bitcoin. Among the reasons for the recent increase in the prices of digital assets, the adhesion of non-financial companies stands out.

Cryptcurrencies are assets like the real, the dollar and the euro, but they circulate only in a digital environment. According to the analysis of market new business executive Bruno Milanello, the pandemic brought a perfect storm scenario for cryptoactives to stand out, since bitcoin is a digital asset prepared for this type of situation.

“It is an asset that was literally designed to surf online, an asset that is only available in digital form. Therefore, he fit perfectly into this situation where everyone was inside their homes and looking for some investment alternative that could shield a little the risk they were running”, explained Milanello.

The long-term appreciation potential of these assets is even greater. By the end of the year, the expectation is that bitcoin may rise to reach US$ 100,000.

Despite news favorable to the appreciation of cryptocurrencies, which make any investor willing to bet on something new to increase yields, experts reinforce: there is no risk-free gain.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the dynamics of how digital currency works and, more than that, be prepared to lose.

“Try it, follow along, try to understand the fluctuation. With this, you will learn and feel more secure. The important thing is to know your profile, what you think and take the appropriate decisions”, says finance professor at Insper Ricardo Humberto Rocha.