Boa Esporte, Uberlndia and Caldense guarantee classification in Serie D

(Photo: Caldense/Discloses

In the game that marked the return of the fans to the Melo Stadium, in Varginha, Boa Esporte took advantage of the support from the stands to guarantee qualification for the next phase of the Series D of the Brazilian Championship. The team from Minas Gerais defeated Rio Branco de Venda Nova-ES, by 3-1, and advanced through Group 6. The team from Espírito Santo was eliminated.

Two more teams from Minas Gerais qualified for the same group, thanks to the triumph of Boa Esporte. Uberlndia defeated Rio Branco-ES, 2-0, in Cariacica, and climbed to third place, with 22 points. Caldense lost to Ferroviria, leader, 3-1, in Araraquara, fell to fourth position, but is also guaranteed in the next stage of Series D.

Patrocinense, already eliminated and still without a victory in Group 6, hopes to break his fast in front of the guide Negra, this Sunday, at 4 pm, at the Pedro Alves Nascimento Stadium, in Patrocnio. The team from Minas has only four points and has no less than eight defeats in the competition.

cheering on melo

Boa’s goals were scored by Lucas Coelho (penalti), in the first half, and Aru and Vgner, both in the final stage. Rio Branco, which created good chances and sought the reaction, even tied with Diego, but succumbed to the owners of the house. With the release of up to 1,000 fans through an injunction from the STJD granted to the Varginha club, Melo received a public of 372 people.

Boa maintained its second position in Group 6, with 23 points, and ensured its presence in the next stage. Rio Branco de Venda Nova, in turn, remained in fifth, with 18, but can no longer surpass Caldense, fourth, which has two more victories (6 to 4).

Uberlndia moves up to third

Uberlndia did well at the Kleber Andrade Stadium, in Cariacica, and gained a position in Group 6. Par opened the scoring for Verdo, 24 minutes into the first half, while Ingro extended and defined the score at 33. The Tringulo team was gone. benefited from the defeat of Rio Branco de Venda Nova to Boa, and ensured presence among the four classified.

Caldense loses but advances

At Fonte Luminosa, in Araraquara, Caldense did not resist Ferroviria, a leader with leftovers. The home team opened the scoring with Marquinhos, Veterana equalized with Joo Vitor, but Ian Luccas and Rodrigo Yuri scored for the grens, who reached 32 points. The miners stopped at 21 and lost position to Uberlndia.


The 14th and final round of the Series D group stage, for the miners, will be next Sunday, September 5th. All the games will be at 4 pm, and the matches will define the second, third and fourth place, as Ferroviria has already secured its leadership in advance.

Uberlndia will receive the Ferroviria, at Parque do Sabi. Caldense will face Rio Branco-ES, at Ronaldo Junqueira, in Poos de Caldas. And Boa Esporte will have the guide Negra in front of him, at the Ninho da Guia Stadium, in Rio Brilhante, Mato Grosso do Sul.

The Patrocinense says goodbye to Series B away from home, on the same day and time. The team from Minas Gerais is going to Mato Grosso do Sul to face the guide Negra, at the Olimpio Perin Stadium, in Rio Brilhante. In search of the first victory, if the CAP reaches the goal, it leaves the lantern with the opponent, the second-last placed with six pots.