Bolsonaro reaffirms his presence in acts and says he doesn’t want a break, but that ‘everything has a limit’

President Jair Bolsonaro said on Saturday, 28, that he hopes that there will be no attempts to contain the movements of his supporters scheduled for Independence Day, 7 September.

Speaking at a religious cult in Goiânia (GO), Bolsonaro said that he “does not want or provoke ruptures, but that everything has a limit” and indicated support for the presence of evangelical leaders in the demonstrations. The Chief Executive also repeated that he will be at the events in Brasília in the morning and on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo, in the afternoon.

“We have a president who neither desires nor provokes ruptures, but everything has a limit in our lives. We cannot continue to live with this. I know that the vast majority of evangelical leaders are going to participate in this September 7th movement and they have to. It is guaranteed in our Constitution. I hope you don’t want to take steps to contain this movement. The freedom to speak, with anonymity prohibited, is guaranteed in our Constitution, it does not depend on regulation”, he said during a service alluding to the 1st Fraternal Meeting of Evangelical Leaders, in the capital of Goiás this morning.

Bolsonaro said it was “impressive” how some want to avoid the spontaneous movement of the population. He stated that, during these acts, order and respect always prevailed. “Brazil needs peace, it needs tranquility to be able to proceed. It is impressive how some want to avoid this spontaneous movement of the people, of this people who, other movements, when they participated, always ruled order, discipline, respect for heritage, respect for the police officers present”. The president cited movements that took place during the 2020 elections.

Throughout the speech, Bolsonaro criticized the decision of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to suspend transfers to the Pocketnalist channels, again criticizing governors for restrictive measures imposed because of the covid-19 pandemic and defending the use of hydroxychloroquine in treatment for the disease. He again said that the country is still going through the health crisis, but staying at home doesn’t do any good. And he stated that the federal government did “everything to fight the pandemic” from the beginning.

“We are going through 2020, a very complicated year, where the pandemic has hit the whole world. The easiest thing would be for me to adhere to political correctness, to tear up all the items in Article 5 of the Constitution, where rights, guarantees and individual freedoms are discussed. We all worry about the virus, but hunger and misery also kill,” he said. He said that “many gloated” over the constitutional provision and criticized measures such as the ban on participation in services and masses imposed by some governors. “Throughout the pandemic, we got to know prototypes of dictators in Brazil.”

“We all face problems and we must prepare to overcome them. Nothing is more important than faith at this moment, we are looking for alternatives, we cannot side with the vast majority. It would be much easier for me to be on the other side. I preferred not the more difficult side, but the side of truth”, he said.

Bolsonaro once again stated that only God takes him out of his current post and joked that some say he intends to make a coup. “I am already president. Am I going to take a hit on myself?”. “Don’t think that many want to take me out of here in the name of returning to normality and democracy. They want to get me out of here for the power. Abstinence from easy money makes them bellicose. Make them gather, make them conspire. I tell them something: God put me here and only God takes me out of here”, he said, being applauded by the Evangelicals.

“I have three alternatives for my future: being arrested, being killed or winning. Rest assured, the first alternative, imprisoned, does not exist. No man here on Earth is going to frighten me. I’m aware that I’m doing the right thing,” he said. “There’s something more important than our life, it’s our freedom,” he added.

Bolsonaro has been on schedule in Goiânia since yesterday, 27. Before participating in the service, the president caused a crowd around the place to greet and take pictures with supporters and went to an establishment where he drank sugarcane juice. Like the president, part of the population in the place was also not wearing a mask or using protective equipment against covid-19 improperly. The forecast is that Bolsonaro will return to Brasília in the early afternoon of this Saturday.

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