Boninho resurrects Faustão after recording the final of ‘Super Dança’

One more stage is being completed by Boninho’s team. After ad the sudden departure of Faustão, which took even the presenter by surprise, left Tiago Leifert with the mission of running the program. In the midst of “Super Dance of the Famous”, which needed to be completed, even for contractual issues with advertisers, the presenter was able to complete what was proposed. In the end, in addition to the presenter, Boninho also spoke about Fausto Silva.

Changes had to be made and the attraction, which was previously just a painting of “Domingão do Faustão”, ended up being transformed into a solo program. The “Super Dance” ended up passing due to some difficulties and controversies during its journey. Some participants showed dissatisfaction with the judges and the change of teachers.

Even with all the difficulties, the direction of the attraction managed to keep the plan and this Saturday (23), the grand final of “Super Dance” was recorded. Besides Tiago Leifert, who recorded a very emotional video saying he even had tears in the recording, it was Boninho’s turn, the attraction’s director, to talk about the final of the competition.

Through your official profile on Instagram, Boninho made some stories to tell his followers what went on behind the scenes. The husband of presenter Ana Furtado spoke about the atmosphere of emotion: “Today was an emotional day. Second day of Mion on Globo and the last day of ‘Dança’ with Titi there in São Paulo”.

Continues after advertising

cute revealed that he had to choose between Mion and Tiago to follow the recordings in person: “I had to split up or I had to decide. As Tiago is a guy who is surfing calmly, I had to choose to be more here with Mion and I was following Tiago remotely. Tiago, finishing the project, moved me a lot, very moved too”.

The director spared no words to demonstrate the admiration he feels for the presenter of Big Brother Brasil and made a point of talking about Fausto Silva: “This boy is a guy who’s in my heart, Titi is our people, he’s a huge talent. My love to Faustão, Faustão is our partner. Tiago talked about him in the final. Faustão is a giant heart”

cute was visibly moved by the situation and ended the video sequence telling that, like Tiago Leifert, he is very sensitive and will only cry later: “I’m melted butter too, but I’ll leave it to cry with Tiago later, he knows that ”.

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