Brazil gains another 40 billionaires this year, in the wake of the IPO boom. see who they are

RIO — Even with the pandemic, the list of Brazilian billionaires has increased. According to Forbes magazine, another 40 names managed to surpass the R$ 1 billion mark in assets, with initial stock offerings, the so-called IPOs in the English acronym, and the launch of new shares on the Stock Exchange, the follow-ons.

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The leader of the ranking continues with Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, who, at 39, has a fortune estimated at R$ 97.5 billion, mainly due to his shareholding in the social networking giant

He is followed by Jorge Paulo Lemann, from the 3G Capital fund, whose fortune is valued at R$96.5 billion.

The new billionaires saw their equity grow after their companies went public. In the first quarter of the year, 40 shares were launched on B3, the Brazilian stock exchange. The injection of liquidity around the world to face the economic crisis caused by the pandemic heated up the capital market, favoring the enrichment, albeit of a few.

Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann Photo: Bloomberg
Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann Photo: Bloomberg

According to Forbes, with the inclusion of over 40 billionaires on the list, Brazil now has 315 people with assets of R$ 1 billion or more.

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An example of this capitalization movement is Marcelo Rodolfo Hahn who, at 52, is the richest among newcomers. Its stake in Blau Farmacêutica, a company that launched shares on the Stock Exchange in April, brought its equity to R$7.54 billion.

Considering the break up of families and newcomers, this year’s Forbes ranking brings 77 new names. Together, Brazilian billionaires accumulate assets of R$1.9 trillion in 2021.

Another who became a billionaire this year was Israel Fernandes Salmen, who got rich after his company of cash back Méliuz entered the Stock Exchange. One of the youngest on the list, he is 33 years old, and has accumulated R$ 1.15 billion.

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The list of Brazilian billionaires follows the criteria of the American Forbes, with participation in companies listed on stock exchanges as the main source of information. The ranking was based on the first half of the year.

See some of the new billionaires

  • Marcelo Rodolfo Hahn, partner at Blau Farmacêutica: R$7.54 billion
  • Vera Rechulski Santo Domingo, of the Santo Domingo Group: R$ 6 billion
  • Henrique Moraes Domingo Salvador and family, shareholder of the Mater Dei hospital group: R$5.95 billion
  • Jorge Luiz Savi de Freitas and family, controller of Intelbras: R$ 5.27 billion

  • Alexandre Ostrowiecki, main shareholder of Multilaser: R$ 5.15 billion

  • José Roberto Nogueira and family, founder of Brisanet, internet provider: R$ 4.8 billion

  • Alexandre Funari Negrão and family, founder of Medley: R$ 4.7 billion

  • José Augusto Carvalho Aragão and family, partner at Armac, for agribusiness equipment: R$ 3.65 billion

  • João Guilherme Sabino Ometto, of the São Martinho group of sugar mills: R$ 2.83 billion