Caio Castro is the target of spicy statements after breaking up with Grazi Massafera

Caio Castro
Caio Castro is the subject of comments on the web (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Caio Castro became one of the main issues on the internet after the announcement of the end of his relationship with Grazi Massafera. The two had been together since September 2019.

Part of the web lamented the end of the actors’ relationship, but some did not hide their pleasure at the news of Caio’s new phase.“So you mean that Caio is single?”, questioned a profile.

Grazi was mentioned in several tweets, none of which were targeted for attacks but praise. One of them mentioned the luck that Caio had for the romance with the actress, considered one of the most beautiful women in the country.

“People are saying that Grazi is lucky to catch Caio and Cauã Reymond. Lucky they are to be with this goddess that we poor mortals will never get close to”, praised another.

“I’m not surprised that Grazi Massafera and Caio broke up, dating an artist almost never works out, and it’s usually a betrayal”, speculated a third party. “Caio is in need of a lap, excuse me! Come here baby…”, suggested one more.

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