Caio Castro lives romance with model after separation from Grazi

Caio Castro would be involved with Larissa Bonesi after supposed break up with Grazi Massafera. According to columnist Leo Dias, from “Metrópoles”, friends of the actor revealed that he and the model have been together, back and forth, for six years.

According to the publication, Caio still keeps many objects that the Brazilian and star of Netflix India the gifted him. Another curious detail is that the entrepreneur spent a maximum of three months without talking to Larissa while dating Grazi.

Caio Castro is about to meet Larissa Bonesi

With her bags ready for Brazil, Larissa will arrive next Monday (30) in São Paulo, where she will meet Caio. Bonesi is 31 years old and has a strong genius. She is one of the leading names in the Indian movie “Penthouse”, recently released by Netflix.

On Instagram, the young woman currently has more than 450,000 followers. Larissa is well known for her work in the Telugu film industry in India. Larissa’s journey in the film industry began with her appearance as a dancer alongside two well-known Bollywood actors: Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, in the romantic comedy “Desi Boyz”.

Friends believe in actor reconciliation

Grazi separated from Caio and, according to columnist Keila Jimenez, of “R7”, the reason is an old acquaintance of the artist’s relations: jealousy. Some friends believe it’s just a fight, others think the romance is really over. Rumors of crisis in the relationship between Grazi and Caio began earlier this year, but all were denied by their respective advisors.

Understand the reason for Caio and Grazi Massafera’s breakup

Grazi and Caio would have been shaken for about two weeks. According to people close to him, the discussions were caused by Grazi’s jealousy of Caio’s “ex” and the entrepreneur’s friends, including Larissa Bonesi. The entrepreneur has already shown that is no longer using the engagement ring. He left the blonde’s apartment in Rio de Janeiro and returned to the Land of Drizzle.

O Grazi and Caio’s romance began around September 2019, when the two started to be seen together, as in Rock in Rio that year.