Carla Perez gives luxury gift to baby Léo Santana and Lore Improta

Dancer Carla Perez and Xanddy gave a very special gift to Léo Santana and Lorena Improta’s baby.

The dancer Carla Perez and the singer Xanddy had a very special encounter! They went to visit the dancer Lorena Improta and the singer Leo Santana, who are expecting their first child, the girl Liz.

Lorena is in the final stretch of pregnancy. She is 36 weeks pregnant, which means the dancer is already nine months pregnant! She then showed the beautiful and luxurious gift she got from Carla Perez and Xanddy.

The couple presented Léo Santana and Lorena Improta with a beautiful mini crib that attaches to the couple’s bed. Showing the luxurious gift, Lorena said: “Today we enter Liz’s 36th week! Look at my house, this one was a gift from Uncle Xanddy and Aunt Carla! Here there’s only baby stuff, there’s nowhere to put anything anymore, thank God! But I’m already anxious for her little room to get ready so I can organize my house!”.

She then spoke about the expectation for the birth of her daughter: “I’m anxious my people! It’s close for Liz’s arrival! Today we have prenatal care, every week now we do prenatal care because I’m in my ninth month and Liz can come at any time. My mother is coming today to help me pack my maternity bag, I don’t know if I laugh or cry”.

Xanddy showed the visitor he is Carla Perez they did for Léo Santana and Lorena Improta. Showing a photo of the two couples together, Xanddy said: “Yesterday was the day to visit this beautiful family we love dearly and take our little gift from our niece Liz. Lorena Improta and Léo Santana, what a delicious night you gave us”.

Cradle that Carla Perez gave to Léo Santana and Lorena Improta

Play Instagram Gift from Carla Perez and Xanddy to baby Léo Santana and Lorena Improta

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