Carmen Lúcia determines that Covid’s CPI maintain confidentiality on Ricardo Barros’s data | Covid’s CPI

According to the decision, access to other senators who are members of the commission should only be granted “upon formal request and with proper motivation”.

The request was made by Barros to the STF alleging data leakage by the CPI. The minister denied opening an investigation to investigate the alleged leak.

Natuza Nery comments Minister Carmen Lúcia's decision to keep Ricardo Barros' data confidential

Natuza Nery comments Minister Carmen Lúcia’s decision to keep Ricardo Barros’ data confidential

On the 23rd, the minister had already denied a request to suspend the breaches of telephone, tax, banking and telematics confidentiality of Barros determined by Covid’s CPI. The defense then asked for the decision to be reconsidered, informing about the alleged leak. In response to the STF, the CPI denied the hypothesis.

The request for the breach was approved by the senators on the last day 3. The defense pointed out what it considers illegalities in the approval of the measures and maintained that it is not up to the commission to break the restriction of access to data of a congressman.

The minister considered that private interests cannot override “reasons of relevant public interest”. And that the adoption of measures that restrict rights can be justified in the public interest, as long as they are legitimate and respect individual rights.