Carol Nakamura’s son is living at his girlfriend Erika Januza’s house

Carol Nakamura, 38, decided to chat with fans about life, career and curiosity. Among the questions, the actress was asked about her 22-year-old son Juan, and said that he is living with his girlfriend – 36-year-old actress Erika Januza.

Through stories on Instagram, the dancer opened the box of questions and answers with the title: “Let’s ask a question?”. A follower then wanted to know if his son would live with her in the mansion he is building.

Son of Carol Nakamura is living with actress Erika Januza - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Son of Carol Nakamura is living with actress Erika Januza

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

“He lives with his girlfriend,” she replied, making it clear that her son’s relationship with the actress has become serious.

She then made a point of saying that her son will also have a room in her new house if he wants to visit her with his partner.

“I thought she would be angry”

In a recent interview with Patricia Kogut’s column, from the O Globo newspaper, Erika Januza said that she sought out Carol Nakamura to talk about the romance and feared she would get angry because they were friends.

“I’m very discreet and I take things as far off the radar as possible. He also doesn’t like to expose himself very much, so we’ve been living this in our own little world. We’re very close. Juan is a great guy, very sweet and mature for his age (21 years old; she’s 35). We met at Carnival, he’s known my family for some time and is super approved,” he said.

“She showed me a picture of him a thousand years ago. I remember being startled and saying, ‘Do you have a child that size?’ she’s going to be mad at me.’