CBLOL Academy 2021: Ace of the Stage, Jean Mago takes aim at CBLOL | lol

– I’m very happy, very relieved, the trainings were hard, reconciling the routine with streams and training was very hard. I was very confident, but I wasn’t 100%, both in the semi and in the final, it would be easy, not that it was, it was very difficult, FURIA and paiN played very well. I’m happy, relieved, and you breed for the bi – said Jean Mago in an interview after the game.

At 17 years old and considered one of the main promises of esports in Brazil, Jean Mago said that he does not feel the pressure to wear the Rubro-Negra shirt and to be the center of attention.

– I don’t feel much pressure because I’ve been streaming since I was 14, dealing with the public. Flamengo fans welcomed me very well. I don’t feel pressure because I know the team a lot, they’re my friends since solo queue. I never felt pressure, not in the group stage or in the first game. I’ve always felt confident, I trust my work, that of my teammates, and the fans support me anyway – he explained.

The goal now is different: to move up to the major league next year.

– I’m very confident, I think that next year I’ll be well prepared. This year I chose to enter the academy to get experience, but for sure [quero estar no CBLOL]. If not the first [split], in the second I will probably be prepared – finished the middle.