CBLOL Academy 2021: Flamengo wins paiN and wins the bi-championship

O Flamengo made the famous phrase “the base comes strong” and once again won the title CBLOL Academy 2021, the base category of the League of Legends competitive in Brazil. Jean Mago and company won the fatherN 3-1 in the decision and secured the second league trophy.

Flamengo Campaign at CBLOL Academy 2021

Flamengo Academy 2021
Flamengo Academy is champion of CBLoL Academy 2021. (Image: Divulgação/CBLOL)

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Flamengo had an excellent Regular Phase and finished in first place, with 14 wins and only 4 losses. With the result, the rubro-negro team qualified directly for the semifinals and had no difficulties to beat FURIA 3-1.

In the final, he faced paiN, which was one of the surprises of the tournament. The team qualified at the limit (6th place), but grew in the playoffs and won the LOUD (3-0) and Vorax Liberty (3-1).

The final was controlled by Flamengo, who started by winning the first two games. paiN responded with the victory in the third game, but in the fourth game the FLA managed to recover and secured the GG, finishing the series 3-1 and securing the title.

In addition to the cup, the Flamengo he also took home the R$12,000 prize. Jean Magus, who made his competitive debut this year, took the title of ace of the Stage.