Ceará plays poorly and loses to América-MG 2-0 at Arena Independência – Jogada

O Ceará lost again in Series A of the Brazilian Championship. This Sunday (29), at Independence Arena, in Belo Horizonte, the Guto Ferreira’s team lost to the America-MG, for 2 to 0. Fabricio Daniel (2x) scored the goals of the match.

With the result, the team from Ceará remains in 8th place, with 24 points. América-MG, in turn, occupies the 17th place, with 18.

The alvinegra team returns to the field on the day September 12th (Sunday) against Grêmio, at 11:00 am (Brasilia time), at Arena do Grêmio. The duel is valid for the 20th round.

First time

América-MG and Ceará had opposite performances at Arena Independência. While the Alvinegra team found it difficult to penetrate Coelho’s defensive system, Vagner Mancini’s team found it easy to find spaces and work the ball in the attacking field.

The difficulty of Guto Ferreira’s team increased even more after the American team’s early goal. As soon as 5 minutes into the initial stage, Fabrício Daniel advanced at speed through the midfield and risked from outside the area, in Richard’s corner, to open the scoring for América-MG.

Ceará even managed to swing into goalkeeper Matheus Cavichioli’s goals. After Vina’s free kick, William Oliveira scored. However, the referee invalidated the goal after Fabinho touched the ball with his hand.

Unable to create in midfield, Ceará submitted only one more time after the header of William Oliveira. On minute 33, after a good individual play by Fernando Sobral, Vina took a risk from outside the area, but Matheus Cavichioli easily saved.

Fabrício Daniel scored both goals for América-MG in the match

Disclosure / America-MG

Second time

The final stage was of little inspiration for the alvinegra team. Unable to infiltrate the defense, Ceará exploited shots from outside the area, however, without direction.

On the other hand, America-MG was effective and expanded the score. On minute 16, Patric crossed in the area, Lucas Kal anchored Fabrício Daniel to score the 2nd goal of the Minas Gerais team in the match.

The result could have been even more elastic in favor of Vagner Mancini’s team, after Jael knocked Juninho down and referee Raphael Claus (FIFA-SP) awarded a penalty. In charge, Ribamar stopped at Richard.

The Alvinegra team could not react and came out with a negative result at Arena Independência.

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