Chinese pickup trucks, the new invasion of the automotive market

Tiggo 5X pickup truck in the vision of Kleber Silva.

Tiggo 5X pickup truck in the vision of Kleber Silva.

Photo: Kleber Silva / Projection

Chinese industry prepares a new invasion of Western markets. This time the bet is on the pickup truck segment. At least three Chinese brands have projects confirmed in this area: Chery, Great Wall and JAC. It remains to be seen which of them could be marketed in Brazil.

Chery recently announced in South Africa that it intends to launch a pickup truck derived from the Tiggo. The platform used would be the Tiggo 5X, 7 and 8. The vehicle was announced as Tiggo PUP was confirmed as an unprecedented pickup.

Chery’s business in South Africa has nothing to do with Brazil. But the automakers’ executives constantly monitor what is happening in the global market and, as far as possible, use cars available from the brand for local projects. In the case of this future Chery Tiggo pickup, Caoa Chery could adapt the project to manufacture the vehicle in Anápolis (GO). However, the chances are remote.

GMW Poer, the one most likely to come.

GMW Poer, the one most likely to come.

Photo: Great Wall / Disclosure

The pickup truck market is interesting and Caoa itself could manufacture the brand new Santa Cruz, by Hyundai, by Hyundai Caoa. In the case of Caoa Chery, the operation would be much more complex because the pickup truck segment requires exclusive dedication, almost as if it were a second company. As Caoa Chery is still new to the market, it is more likely that it will keep its focus on the SUVs of the Tiggo line, which sell more and more.

Anyway, the Chery Tiggo PUP will be a pickup truck with a unibody body. Therefore, it will enter the fastest growing segment. In Brazil, it is led by Fiat Toro. But, as it is very attractive and profitable, it already has new models arriving, such as the Ford Maverick (Mexico, USA and Brazil), the new Chevrolet Montana (Brazil and Argentina), the Hyundai Santa Cruz (USA) and even a Ram based on the Toro (Brazil).

Because of this possibility, Brazilian designers have already made projections of the Chery Tiggo pickup. Kleber Silva made a render made a rendering of the Tiggo 5X pickup. Jonathan Machado, in turn, preferred to bet on a Tiggo 8 pickup.

Tiggo 8 pickup truck in Jonathan Machado's vision.

Tiggo 8 pickup truck in Jonathan Machado’s vision.

Photo: Jonathan Machado / Projection

The case of the GWM Poer pickup is different. Great Wall Motors has just purchased a factory in Brazil. The plant in Iracemápolis (SP), which belonged to Mercedes-Benz, was acquired with ambitious plans. GWM intends to manufacture 100,000 cars a year. Although not confirmed, everything indicates that one of the models will be the SUV Haval H6 and/or F7 and the pickup Poer. This pickup would fight directly with the medium body on chassis models (Chevrolet S10, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger etc.).

JAC T9: Brazil may have the electric version.

JAC T9: Brazil may have the electric version.

Photo: JAC Motors / Disclosure

Finally, in the case of JAC Motors, the company is trying to get the iEV330P electric pickup to be sold in Brazil. It is the all-electric version of the T8 model. But in China already exists, JAC has just launched the T9 pickup, which has a very aggressive design. It would go down well in the Brazilian market, but JAC said that, for the time being, there are no plans. JAC’s idea is to continue betting on electrification. This is a way for the company to occupy a niche that has not yet been formed, as several companies need to reduce their carbon emission values.

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