Control prohibited clandestine luxury party with a thousand people in Goiânia; Bolsonaro’s youngest son was among them | Goiás

The inspection of the Goiânia City Hall banned a clandestine luxury party with about a thousand people, including the president’s youngest son, Jair Renan Bolsonaro, known as 04. Without a mask, Renan appears at the event in a photo posted on social networks. side of two young people, who also do not use the protection item. The information has been confirmed to the G1 by the municipality’s supervisory bodies.

The party was banned around 23:30 on Saturday (28). According to the municipality, the site did not have authorization to hold the event and was not respecting the sanitary measures established by the city, which only allows for corporate events with up to 250 people during the pandemic.

People at a clandestine luxury party banned by inspection, in Goiânia — Photo: Divulgação/Amma

According to the Municipal Environment Agency (Amma), the party started at 4 pm and was scheduled to end at 8 am this Sunday (29), at Monte Líbano Palace, on top of Morro do Mendanha, in the capital. According to the agency, the owner of the place was fined for non-compliance with the measure. The amount of the fine was not disclosed.

O G1 contacted the Monte Líbano Palace, by telephone, this Sunday morning (29), to ask for a position on the case, but the calls were not answered until the last update of this article.

Members of the Health Surveillance, Municipal Planning Secretariat (Seplan), Municipal Environment Agency (Amma), Metropolitan Civil Guard (GCM) and Fire Department participate in the inspection.

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