Corinthians has a deal underway with Willian, but still awaits definition at Arsenal

The negotiations between Corinthians and Willian heated up once and for all and the agreement now seems to depend on how the Arsenal-ING player will leave. With no tempting offers from European football so far, the midfielder is getting closer to Timão.

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To reach this point in the conversations, Alvinegro presented Willian’s staff with what he could pay monthly, which would be the club’s salary cap. Although he has to radically reduce his salaries, the player liked the proposal, as his father, Severino Vieira da Silva, said in an interview with Rádio Capital, this Saturday. The desire to return to Alvinegro has helped.

However, the positive outcome still depends on Arsenal, owner of Willian’s rights. Both parties know that the athlete’s departure is imminent due to the strained relationship that was created, it is enough to reach a definition on how this break will take place, which needs to be done this Sunday.

Although a release through contract termination is the most likely, the possibility of a loan with split wages is not ruled out. In both cases, there is already an agreement underway between Corinthians and Willian’s staff, who are still awaiting confirmation of departure in England.

The window for international transfers to Brazil closes next Monday. Thus, the outcome needs to happen until Sunday so that there is no problem in the regularization of Willian in football in the country. If there is no release of the player by Arsenal within that period, he would have to wait for the next window to be able to defend Corinthians’ colors.