Corinthians negotiates with a cryptocurrency company to be a new sponsor; know details

Corinthians is negotiating a sponsorship and licensing agreement with Mercado Bitcoin, a company specialized in cryptocurrencies. The parties already have advanced conversations so that the agreement can be made official once in the live of the club’s 111th anniversary, scheduled for Wednesday, September 1st.

O My Timon he found that the negotiations began a few months ago and are related to Corinthians’ incursion into the world of cryptocurrencies. The club recently signed an agreement with Sócios, a company that will sell the club’s own bitcoin.

The company defines itself as the “largest platform for cryptocurrencies and digital assets in Latin America” ​​and offers services that range from helping those who want to enter this type of market to operating the product itself.

The idea is that Mercado Bitcoin enters as a sponsor of the shirt alvinegra and also sign a licensing agreement for the brand, which may involve the participation of fans in the club’s assets outside football.

The value of the likely agreement has not been revealed, but both parties admit that talks are at an advanced stage. The board intends to make three announcements in the live, with two being able to understand the entry of the Bitcoin Market on the shirt. To know:

  • Hapvida’s replacement brand in the upper center (Ale Combustíveis, which was already on the shirt, is the favorite);
  • The new sponsor of the lower front bar (space, momentarily, occupied by Corinthians TV);
  • And a new licensing agreement (which has nothing to do with the shirt).

In time: the club should close fiscal year 2021 with total marketing revenue (sponsorships, licensing, commercial agreements, among others) between R$70 million and R$100 million. Most of the partners arrived from January.

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