Corinthians performances: Jô shines in victory over Grêmio, and Renato Augusto almost scores | corinthians

Luan: starting again after more than two months, he played out of position because he replaced the injured Adson and moved to the left side of the attack. Some good passes, a goal submission, but still far from showing that he deserves to fight for a spot in the team. Grade: 5.0

Job: he left the area a little to work with the midfielders, but showed up at the right time. With his head, he managed to impose himself among the Grêmio defenders and score the winning goal. He still gave a nice pass for Renato Augusto to score the second, but the ball hit the crossbar. Grade: 7.0

Giuliano: he experienced his greatest “suffocation” since he became the titular player at Timão, very marked and with very few spaces to create. Even so, he thought it was a nice pass to Mosquito in the first half, loosened up a little more in the second and had a safe performance. Grade: 6.0

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Renato Augusto: had another half hour to gain game rhythm. If he wasn’t brilliant, at least he made the game go to Timão and even almost scored a great goal in stoppage time. The ball went on the crossbar. Grade: 6.0

João Victor: Corinthians is forming a great defender for the future. Very high, well in the anticipations and a big pillar of the sector this Saturday night. Grade: 7.0

Jo in Grêmio x Corinthians — Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF

Check out the scores of Corinthians players:

  • Cassius [GOL]: 6.0
  • Du Queiroz [LAD]: 6.0
  • João Victor [ZAG]: 7.0
  • Gil [ZAG]: 6.5
  • Fabio Santos [LAE]: 6.0
  • Gabriel [VOL]: 6.0
  • roni [VOL]: 5.5
  • (Renato Augusto [MEI]): 6.0
  • Giuliano [MEI]: 6.0
  • luan [MEI]: 5.0
  • (Vitinho [MEI]): 6.5
  • Gustavo Mosquito [ATA]: 6.0
  • (Gabriel Pereira [MEI]): no grade
  • jo [ATA]: 7.0

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