Covid deaths fall, but cases grow again in Alagoas | alagoas

Alagoas registered 229 new cases and six more deaths by Covid this Saturday (28), according to the epidemiological bulletin of the State Department of Health (Sesau).

O state had a reduction in the number of deaths by coronavirus this week, eight fewer than last week. On the other hand, there was an increase in new cases: were 354 more than the week before.

In the epidemiological week that began on Sunday (22) and ended this Saturday, Alagoas confirmed 1,605 cases and 48 deaths from the coronavirus. In the previous week, 1,251 new cases and 56 deaths were registered.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, 235,491 cases of the disease have been confirmed. Of this total, 228,466 patients have recovered and 717 are still undergoing treatment, in isolation.

The number of deaths by Covid in Alagoas reached 6,054. In Saturday’s epidemiological bulletin, five deaths of Covid patients who had no comorbidities were recorded. A 36-year-old woman and a 40-year-old man are among the victims.

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There are 3,952 suspected cases awaiting test results.

The occupancy rate of ICU beds in the state reached 17% this Saturday (27), according to the latest bulletin on hospitalizations for the coronavirus.

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The capital has registered 112 confirmed cases and three deaths by Covid in the last 24 hours. There are also 124 cases under investigation.

The medical director of Santa Casa de Maceió, pulmonologist Arthur Gomes Neto, published a video this Saturday (27) in which he warns about a new increase in cases of Covid-19. The doctor said the number of visits to patients with symptoms of coronavirus infection has grown at the hospital.

6 more deaths by Covid in Alagoas

  • Maceió: Female, 36 years old – no comorbidities
  • Maceió: Female, 61 years old – no comorbidities
  • Maceió: Male, 85 years old – no comorbidities
  • Arapiraca: Female, 78 years old – no comorbidities
  • Arapiraca: Male, 40 years old – no comorbidities
  • Campo Grande: Woman, 82 years old – diabetes and hypertension

Covid Daily Numbers This Week in AL

  • Saturday (28): 229 cases and 6 deaths
  • Friday (27): 232 cases and 6 deaths
  • Thursday (26): 374 cases and 6 deaths
  • Wednesday (25): 301 cases and 6 deaths
  • Tuesday (24): 154 cases and 8 deaths
  • Monday (23): 117 cases and 8 deaths
  • Sunday (22): 198 cases and 8 deaths

Deaths per Covid month to month

AL: Covid deaths by county month by month

AL: Covid deaths by county month by month