Cruzeiro: Mauro Cezar says Corinthians is at risk of ‘cruising’

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The current topic in the São Paulo press is the high investment power of the Corinthians, who has been hiring big names in the last few weeks. The Alvinegro team announced three strong players for the current season: Giuliano, Renato Augusto and Rger Guedes. Despite this, Timo has almost BRL 1 billion in doubt and cannot reduce this liability.

the commentator Mauro Cezar Pereira said that Corinthians runs the risk of ending up like the cruise, indebted, with an uncompetitive team and embittering the B Series of the Brazilian Championship.
“Corinthians follows the most dangerous route possible. It’s amazing to see Alvinegro fans agreeing with that, even after seeing where Cruzeiro ended up. Not even the fact that the São Paulo club has greater revenue power frees them from the risk of a “crusade” , even if it is not “master”, like the miners”, said the commentator on his blog at UOL.
Cruzeiro became the example not to be followed in Brazil. The club from Minas Gerais has a debt of almost R$ 1 billion and saw the revenues fall in the series B. With the help of partners, the board tries to catch up on salaries. Today, the celestial team is in the 14th position of the second division, with 24 points, 11 of the G4 – Botafogo opens the group of the first four, with 35 points.
In addition to bad management, the Cruzeiro may have been assaulted by leaders, as the Civil Police and the Public Ministry maintain. Former administrators of the club, Wagner Pires de S, Itair Machado and Srgio Nonato are rus in Justice for crimes against the club. It was in their management that the team fell to the second division and accumulated almost priceless debt.