Dany Bananinha says goodbye to Caldeirão and talks about Domingão

the farewell of Luciano Huck in the Caldeirão was one of the most talked about subjects this Saturday (28), mainly because a big change is coming on Globo’s weekend in the next few days.

The program started showing footage from the first issue that aired in April 2000, but only at the end did the presenter talk to the audience about what all this change represents, in addition to saying a simple farewell. He also received tributes from people who had their lives changed by the attraction.

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However, part of Caldeirão’s viewers and fans missed a retrospective showing the moments of the program over the 21 years on the air, including the Dany Banana. On social networks, the girl said goodbye to the attraction.

“21 years in the cauldron and this cycle ends today “Saturday afternoon”. I was a girl when I arrived, I grew up, matured, learned a lot, lived happy days, I always received a lot of affection from the public and everyone. My heart overflows with gratitude and affection. It was worth all these years lived with this family that I am very proud to have been a part of. Here is my affection, gratitude and happiness. Let’s go to Sunday, for a new cycle, a new challenge that with faith in God we will be very happy too. GRATITUDE”, wrote the actress, who will continue alongside Luciano Huck on Sundays.