Dany Bananinha surprises with outburst on the web

Dany Bananinha, stage assistant of the presenter Luciano Huck, surprised by using his Instagram this Friday(27) to make a long outburst about ingratitude. The dancer revealed that she is losing hope.

Through a sequence of stories, she advised her fans and followers to show their feelings while there was still time for it and quoted a controversial phrase by the singer Anitta.

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“You kill yourself, do all the best, and have people treat you like you’re no more than an obligation? It’s not like this. It’s good to live with grateful people, who recognize your effort, who show affection, any gesture. Be grateful to anyone who helps you in life, who is on your side giving you strength, praising you, pushing you up, pushing you forward. […] This is something that I will teach my daughter a lot, to appreciate the smallest things. These days people are very ungrateful, very much. It’s surreal”, she said.

“As Anitta said: ‘Woe is me if it wasn’t me.’ Thank you Danielle, I admire you and I’m with you until the end, let’s go, don’t get discouraged. We get screwed a lot in this one, but in another one… God doesn’t sleep, who knows. In this one I’m already losing hope, but I’ll keep fighting bravely, closing with a flourish”, he stated.

Dany Banana. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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