Delta variant: infected have twice the risk of being hospitalized for covid-19 – Health

A study published in the scientific journal The Lancet this Saturday, 28, pointed out that those infected with the variant Delta of the new coronavirus have twice the risk of being hospitalized. The comparison was made with people who contracted the strain Alpha of the virus, detected in the UK last November.

The research was carried out by British researchers from the public health agency (Public Health England, PHE) and the University of Cambridge. vaccination, an Epidemic linked to the Delta variant would imply a heavier load on the health system than the one with the Alpha variant”, highlighted scientist Anne Presanis, co-author of the study.

Researchers have pointed out that Delta, first identified in India, is 40 to 60% more transmissible than Alpha. In the British study, the authors analyzed data from more than 43,300 cases of the disease in England, identified between March 29 and May 23, when the Delta variant was beginning to spread in the region. Of the total, 20% of people were contaminated with Delta, while the rest corresponded to Alpha.

The raw data analysis showed no relevant difference in the proportion of hospitalizations between them, with 2.3% of those infected by Delta being hospitalized compared to 2.2% by Alpha. However, when considering other factors that influence the severity of the disease (such as age, comorbidities, vaccination, etc.), the researchers calculated that the risk is multiplied by 2.26 when comparing the two.

“This study confirms previous findings that people with Delta are significantly more likely to require hospitalization,” said Gavin Dabrera, co-author of the study.

Of the total infected individuals analyzed in the survey, 74% were not vaccinated against covid-19, 24% had taken a dose and only 1.8% had the complete vaccination schedule. Several studies have shown that immunizers are highly effective in preventing severe cases, including among those infected with the Delta variant../EFE AND AFP