DF negotiates exchange of Coronavac for Pfizer to vaccinate teenagers – News

The governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), announced that he is negotiating an exchange of immunization agents with the Ministry of Health. Coronavac, but the product is not authorized by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) to be applied to adolescents between 12 and 17 years old, an age currently contemplated in the capital’s vaccination plan.

“I already called the minister [Marcelo] Queerga They sent 30,000 doses of Coronavac vaccines, and Coronavac cannot be applied to the group we have now. So, I’m negotiating with him the return of Coronavac that we have for the exchange of Pfizer, so that we can move forward in this audience”, he detailed this Friday (27).

On the 18th, Anvisa reported that it had rejected Butantan’s request for the use of Coronavac in children and adolescents aged 3 to 17 years, considering that “it is not possible to conclude on the efficacy and safety of the dose in this age group”, and that “the immunogenicity data leave uncertainties about the duration of protection afforded by the immunizing agent”.

The exchange of vaccines with the federal government is in the process of negotiation, according to Ibaneis. The governor gave the information during the announcement of the new Health Secretary of the Federal District, General Manoel Luiz Narvaz Pafiadache. In the assessment of the head of the local executive, the change of command represents a turning point in the health of the capital, and the name of the soldier was chosen mainly because of Pafiadache’s “extensive experience” in the area.

Ibaneis also highlighted the general’s proximity to the federal government. “We never had any problems with the Ministry of Health, but I can’t deny that the general has a very good relationship there, and that also counted in this appointment. I, in particular, have a very good relationship with Minister Queiroga, he has already been with me on some occasions, but the general’s relationship will help us a lot in relation to the Ministry of Health for all that it represents in the health of the Federal District”.


The governor of the DF also commented on a concern with the pandemic in the capital, pointing out that, currently, the genetic sequencing of positive test samples for the new coronavirus shows that half of those infected are contaminated by variants such as the Delta mutation, which is more transmissible than others. forms of the virus.

“We now have 50% of [casos de] common variant and 50% of the Delta variant. So, we still have to be very careful with what can happen with regard to Covid”, he declared. Announcing plans to reduce the waiting list for surgery in public hospitals, which currently has 40,000 people, Ibaneis highlighted the impact of the pandemic in all sectors of health.

“What we are living in today is perhaps one of the worst situations we have ever had. We stayed for a year and a half with ‘closed’ hospitals, because if I have a Covid patient inside a ward, I have to close the whole ward, because I can’t mix with another type of patient. So, all of this was accumulating the problems that are there today, they are seen by you and we have to recognize”.

The new Health Secretary promised to work in the next few days to carry out assessments, “attacking the important points”. For him, these points go through inputs and human resources quickly reaching the population. At General Pafiadache’s press conference, five axes were raised as essential at this time for serving the population and good management: hiring, inputs, infrastructure, debt payment and credibility.

“It’s a mission I received from the governor. Nobody is saying it’s going to be easy, but I don’t work alone, work in groups. The focus is to reach the population as quickly as possible”, summarized the new secretary.