Drica Moraes talks about her career, her son and the routine in the pandemic

Drica Moraes (Photo: Reproduction/ João Cotta)Drica Moraes (Photo: Reproduction/ João Cotta)

Dr. Moraes lives a special moment in his career. In addition to being recently seen in “Empire”, she is on the air in “Secret Truths” and “Under Pressure”, the latter being an unprecedented work already done during the pandemic:

— To have been able to shoot 11 episodes in a pre-vaccination period is really something very impressive. It was an adventure to get through it all and without any casualties on the team, thanks to the extremely strict protocols.

She highlights that making the series at a time when Brazil is experiencing a serious crisis has an even more important meaning:

— People feel very grateful that we are touching the wound, being able to make art and denunciation at the same time. We are talking about health in a country where this issue is directly linked to social problems. We have one of the best public health systems in the world, which should be being implemented. Instead, it has been scrapped.

In “Under pressure”, she stars with Marjorie Estiano, with whom she shared the character Cora, from “Império”. Marjorie eventually returned to the role in the finals after Drica became ill and had a voice loss problem:

— Leaving “Empire” was a very dramatic and sad moment for me. I think I was very good in that role and seeing it now makes me even more proud. But it was the right decision. Marjorie has taken over Cora wonderfully. This episode ended up causing us to create a great love for each other. We help each other on this crossing.

And it was right after that complicated moment that the actress was asked to do “Secret Truths”.

— “Secret Truths” was my repositioning in the world of soap operas. I had left “Empire” sick and I received this invitation by surprise, to replace Deborah Secco (who got pregnant). I grabbed this opportunity with all my strength. And it was very gratifying to also play a character who is the personification of goodness. I think this is a side of the Brazilian that we always need to emphasize. I especially remember her tragic outcome, in which I practically did a monologue. Mauro (Mendonça Filho, director) left me very free to do this scene. She made me very proud – he recalls.

Aside from work, Drica confesses that her routine during the pandemic had different moments. She, who lives with her son, Matheus, 12, says that last year was chaos.

— The year 2020 was a year of shooting, beating and bombing at home. All of a sudden, I became a cleaner, a cook, a teacher, a mother… All together. In the end, I didn’t even know who I was. It was complicated for us, there are times when one can’t stand the other anymore and there’s nowhere to run. Now, Matheus is already in the classroom again and our life is more in place, lighter and with more joy. Of course, in the midst of this new world we are all adapting to live.

She points out that her biggest concern is with the people around her:

— Because I went through such a dramatic experience and saw death up close, after the leukemia, I created a bigger carcass to face crises and isolation. I was worried, for example, about my parents, who are elderly.


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On social networks, she usually shares the routine with her son and says that motherhood has brought a complete transformation:

– The son changes us radically for the better, but it is a path of great struggle. We are always facing a being with specific needs. It’s a scare. And also great growth.

And, as the mother of a black child, she claims that her conceptions about racial inequality and racism in the country have changed. She also addresses this topic frequently and revealed that she had taken actions such as, for example, choosing black doctors for her child:

– For me, it was very clear that the problem of racism is not something for blacks to solve. Who has to solve it are the whites, who invented it. There’s no way, we have to talk about it and throw ourselves into this battle to change things. I’m neither optimistic nor pessimistic about this and other social problems we’ve seen escalating right now. I’m a realist but I have a lot of hope that good outweighs evil. I live one day at a time. I think evil will continue to exist in Brazil and in the world. We have to create a shell to learn to deal with it. There is no longer room for barbarism in this civilized and free world.

Drica Moraes and her son, Matheus (Photo: Reproduction)Drica Moraes and her son, Matheus (Photo: Reproduction)

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