Eduardo Costa goes to court against Globo commentator after millionaire coup

Eduardo Costa decided to go to court against Globo Minas commentator and former soccer player Fábio Júnior Pereira after a millionaire coup.

The singer claims that Fábio Júnior would have breached an agreement for the sale and purchase of a property, which has a total of 1,177 square meters, with 821 square meters of built-up area.

According to Eduardo Costa, the process exists since “one of the parties did not comply” with what was agreed in the sale contract for the mansion that was signed in June 2020.


Of the BRL 10 million that totaled the transaction, BRL 6 million should have been paid in the form of a down payment, while the remaining amount would be divided into 36 payments of BRL 111 thousand, which should be paid as of September.

The commentator, however, denies the existence of a coup. “I never set foot in the house, I never lived in the property. What happened was that I signed the contract and then my lawyers warned me that there were some clauses that were not good, and also that the property could have problems with the courts,” he said.

“That’s why I had a ‘mouthed disagreement’ and had thought everything was fine. Now I intend to talk directly with Eduardo to try to understand how to solve it. That’s what has to be done. I’ll talk to him directly”, he completes.

The case was registered at the 21st Civil Court of the District of Belo Horizonte (BH). With the action, Eduardo Costa is also seeking payment of a fine of R$ 1 million that was already established in the contract.