Eduardo Saverin is the biggest Brazilian billionaire, according to Forbes | Companies

The biggest Brazilian billionaire is also the youngest, according to the list of the richest in Forbes magazine. Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, leads the ranking at 39 years old and with a fortune estimated at R$97.5 billion, based mainly on his shareholding in the social media giant.

Equity equity was identified by the magazine as one of the main factors for enrichment in 2021, as capital markets remained heated during the pandemic.

Thus, 315 Brazilians make up the magazine’s list of billionaires, of which 40 are ‘newbies’. Among the newcomers, Forbes highlights Marcelo Rodolfo Hahn, with R$7.54 billion, a fortune increased by his participation in Blau Farmacêutica.

See the ranking of the 10 biggest Brazilian billionaires, according to Forbes:

The biggest Brazilian billionaires

PlaceName Company Patrimony
1stEdward Saverin FacebookBRL 97.5 billion
2ndJorge Paulo LemannAmbev/GuaranteeBRL 96.5 billion
3rd Marcel Herrmann TellesAmbev/GuaranteeBRL 64.5 billion
4th Carlos Alberto da Veiga Sicupira and familyAmbev/Guarantee BRL 49.5 billion
5thRubens Ometto Silveira MellocosanBRL 46 billion
6thAndré Santos EstevesBanco BTG PactualBRL 39.5 billion
7th Vicky Sarfati HarvestHarvest BankBRL 37 billion
8th Alexandre Behring da Costa3G CapitalBRL 36.5 billion
9th Jacob, Esther, Alberto and David SafraHarvest BankBRL 35.5 billion
10thAlceu Elias FeldmannfertilizeBRL 30.5 billion

Eduardo Saverin — Photo: Nelson Ching/Bloomberg