Erasmo Carlos, 80, gives news involving Covid-19 and vents

Erasmus Carlos
Erasmo Carlos revealed that he is with Covid-19 (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Erasmus Carlos, 80, used his Instagram profile this afternoon Thursday (26), to let off steam and report that he tested positive for Covid-19. He also reassured his followers.

“Tremendão” assured that he is fine and asked for prayers to be able to overcome the virus. Also in the video, the singer stated that he has been complying with the recommendation for social isolation for three days and regretted having been infected even while complying with all health protocols.

“Hey guys. Even though I maintained all the care, including being vaccinated twice, I tested positive for covid-19. I’m already on the third day of confinement as ordered by my doctors and I ask everyone to cheer. Goes fast”, declared the artist.

In the comments, several admirers left positive messages of support for Erasmo Carlos. “Get better, everything will be all right!!!”, wrote Benjamin Back, who is the presenter of SBT. “Take care”, declared another follower. “It’s gonna be okay“, wished for a third internet user.

It is worth remembering that Erasmo received the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine a week before his 80th birthday, last May. At the time, he even used his social networks to charge vaccines for everyone in the government of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

“Ufa!!! I took my second dose… VACCINE FOR ALL!!! IS IT URGENT!!!”, wrote the artist, at the time, in video subtitles.

In recent days, despite the precautions taken, Pedro Nercessian ended up contracting the delta variant of Covid-19 during his stay in France for the Cannes Film Festival. In conversation with Quem, the actor told how he felt.

“It was a hell of a lot, I was sick for three days“, said the artist, who, before embarking on the festival, performed the PCR test. During the week of the event, the test continued to be repeated. It was then that on the 19th, Pedro tested positive.

“I had a fever, body pain, lack of energy, and I wanted to sleep for five days in a row, apart from being tired. I just had a slight change in my sense of smell and the food had a horrible smell”, he remembered. “I had a slight reaction compared to what it could be”, said Stephan Nercessian’s nephew.

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