Evaristo Costa is the target of debauchery on the web, reacts impatiently and becomes a fan

Evaristo Costa
Evaristo Costa rebuts Twitter user comment (Image: Replay / Instagram)

Evaristo Costa didn’t take shit home and rebutted a comment from a user on Twitter last afternoon friday (27). The presenter’s follower questioned his disappearance from TV and campaigned for his return.

“If Evaristo Costa went to BBB, he would appear more than on CNN Brasil, where he is hidden, forgotten and in the cold of the company’s refrigerator”, mocked the Internet user.

In the comments, Evaristo reacted: “At CNN Brasil I have freedom and the money in my account. This is priceless!”. The fan replied and said that Costa’s situation “it’s every worker’s dream”. Without rancor, Evaristo Costa added: “I feel privileged. And I thank you every day for that”.

The anonymous comment after the repercussion of the news published by RD1 about the journalist’s interest in BBB 2022. It was all a joke, but Evaristo mentioned Boninho in a request for a possible participation in the reality show.“Tiago and Boninho, set me up for BBB 22”, asked the journalist, in a joking tone.

About the new season of Globo’s program, Sammy Lee became one of the targets of the production. Before, Pyong Lee’s ex-wife received a proposal from Rodrigo Carelli for A Fazenda 2021.

In a recent interview with the Pod Delas podcast, she talked about the recent bouts of depression she had. “I’ve already tried to take my life, I went through severe depression to the point of having to go to a psychiatric hospital. I have had a crisis, but today I am stronger. I know how to handle it better”, reported.

“These last few times have been very difficult. But I’ve been clinging to the future. I learned to live one day at a time. Every time I’m at rock bottom, I focus on the good things”, said.

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