Even in high, gasoline is the best choice in all states and in DF – Notícias

THE widespread rise in fuel prices it has also left Brazilian drivers with no choice when stopping their vehicle to refuel at gas stations. Alternative to gasoline, which already has the liter sold for more than R$7 in some regions, ethanol is not worth it in any of the Brazilian states or in the Federal District.

The comparison made using data from the ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels) takes into account that using ethanol is only worthwhile when the value of the fuel costs less than 70% of the price charged for gasoline. The analysis considers that the vehicle with alcohol uses more liters to cover the same distance than with gasoline.

The biggest disadvantage this week was verified for drivers from Amapá. At stations in the state, the average price paid for a liter of ethanol is R$ 5.68 and for gasoline it costs R$ 5.159. Thus, the proportion is 110.10%. Next, appear Rio Grande do Sul (97.47%) and Pará (92.70%),

On the other hand, the consumer who has a preference for alcohol and is looking for better values, the best chances are located in the States of Tocantins, Sergipe and São Paulo, where the relation between the price of ethanol and gasoline is, respectively, 84 .86%, 89.93% and 76.61%.

Across Brazil, the average price of a liter of gasoline ended the week at R$6.037, up from 0.44 compared to last week, when the fuel was sold for around R$5.956. A liter of ethanol, in turn, sells for, on average, R$ 5.163, a price 1.16% higher than last week.

The disadvantage of using biofuel can be explained by the greater advance in price than gasoline over the past few months. According to data from the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), ethanol has accumulated an increase of 35.2% this year, while gasoline jumped 29.68% from January to August 13th.