Ex accuses tennis player Thiago Wild of treason and says he is on medication – 29/08/2021

Influencer and biomedical artist Thayane Lima, ex-girlfriend of Thiago Wild, tennis player number 2 in the country and 119 in the world, made a strong report on her Instagram this Saturday night. Speaking publicly about separation for the first time, the young woman said that she was betrayed by the athlete and that she has been dealing with the medication-based post-relationship.

In a seven-minute account, divided into more than 30 stories, Thayane told his more than 1.3 million followers that he found evidence of five betrayals on Thiago’s cell phone. The biomedic, who lived with the athlete in a stable union, says that she found out about a party with four luxury companions in São Paulo and that, during the betrayals, Wild did not prevent herself.

“He still exposed me because I had to go to a gynecologist to ask for several tests because I don’t know who he was with, I don’t know the girls he was with. I only found out who they were later. The person has no respect, no character, don’t be careful. The guy betrayed me. Can you imagine if I caught a disease?”

The influencer also showed screenshots of Wild’s cell phone. In one of the images, the tennis player made a horn on Thayane and sent the photo to a friend. “He called me a cuckold, but I thought it was a joke,” explained the ex. She also stressed that she was medicated during the recording of the report and that she lost seven kilos since the separation.

“I’m living on Rivotril (tranquilizing medicine) and, even so, I’m suffering an absurd psychological pressure from him and his family.” … “Rivotril, for me, is being water. He [Wild] he’s still being super cowardly with me, and the family, in a way, is colluding.”

Thayane concludes the report saying that it’s a “disappointment to share your life, your dreams, with a person you see who doesn’t respect you one bit. Wrong. He could have just broken up with me, and we were done fine. But no, he preferred to be this brat I’m showing you here.”

The press office of Instituto Rede Tênis Brasil, where the tennis player trains, informed that Thiago will not comment. The tennis player has limited comments on his Instagram account, but already receives negative comments on Twitter.

Later, also on Saturday night, Thayane, who participated in the BBB20 tryouts and gained fans online by losing 10 pounds, recorded a second account while crying and thanking her followers for messages. “You don’t know what a shame it is for me to be here, exposing myself to this point. And I haven’t even exposed everything.”

The 22-year-old influencer said, “What hurts the most about this whole thing wasn’t even the betrayal. It was the lack of consideration, the lack of humanity. You saw him exposing me to his friends. Like ‘look at the horn’, you know ? He didn’t have an ounce of respect for me, for the woman who lived with him, who made plans.” … “I found all this out on a Tuesday and then it passed a while, and his parents wouldn’t let him keep in touch with me personally anymore, saying he was psychologically shaken, but over the weekend he went to find the girl he had with me. cheated and even reposted her story while I was home alone – because at first I didn’t tell anyone – drugged with Rivotril, because I could only live like that, and he, in São Paulo, with the person he cheated on me with, and the parents knowing everything. That was the affective responsibility he had with me.”