Felipe Neto reveals that he invested heavily in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, see which ones

Felipe Neto, one of the biggest youtubers in the world, revealed this Friday (28) that he is not just a big investor of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but what is betting on a series of cryptocurrencies.

Just a few days after saying that “anyone who didn’t invest in cryptocurrencies will regret it in the future”, the digital influencer revealed what his bets are on altcoins for the year.

He said that he is investing in ADA (Cardano), SOL and Cake, and that these are the “coins for this year”. In addition, the post also states that he believes in the potential of LUNA and AXS (Axie Infinity), even though he missed the opportunity to raise these cryptocurrencies.

Invested heavily in Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB

It is noteworthy that he made it clear that this is just his opinion and “without any value”. That the market has a high risk and that it is important to study and not go with the influencer wave.

In response to the original tweet, Neto talked about other cryptocurrencies he owns, stating that “obviously” he has large reserves in BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum), as well as having invested in BNB, Binance’s cryptocurrency.

According to Neto, he invested heavily when the brutal fall came and that he already had a great profit margin, but he still believes that these currencies will grow a lot.

Brazilian Elon Musk

Of the coins recommended by Felipe, all are in the hype, especially Cardano, which after its recent appreciation reached the top 3 of the largest cryptocurrencies, trailing only Ethereum and Bitcoin. As you can imagine, investors are very excited about the possibility of the ADA in the future.

SOL (Solana), on the other hand, has also been breaking resistance levels and in recent weeks has continued to appreciate, now ranking 5th in the cryptomarket by market capitalization.

Regarded as a competitor to Ethereum, SOL has a blockchain with a framework for smart contracts that supports DeFi as well as the NFT market, being technically a solid currency.

Ethereum, Bitcoin and BNB may not have the excitement and “news” that these coins present, however they are pillars of the cryptomarket that are considered by many as “something safe” to invest (from the point of view of others cryptocurrencies, of course).

The fact that one of the biggest names on YouTube in Brazil is so actively talking about the cryptomarket and even recommending cryptocurrencies is interesting in itself, demonstrating the mainstream adoption of these assets.