Fernanda Souza makes a shocking revelation about the possibility of returning to soap operas

Fernanda Souza
Fernanda Souza revealed that she misses presenting (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Away from soap operas for a long time, Fernanda Souza revealed that he no longer intends to return to the work he had done for years. During a live with Maria Zilda on Instagram, the actress explained the reason for her attitude.

“I find it very difficult. Novela has a dynamic that demands a lot. Nowadays I prefer to work on projects that have a shorter working time”, said the famous.

I love doing soap operas, I did it for 20 years, (but) it doesn’t fit with the routine of life I want anymore, in relation to my personal life… This balance I want between personal and professional life”, scored.

The famous one, who had a program on Multishow, also told: “I miss presenting the most. I like to act, but nowadays, what gives me the most encouragement is to perform”.

Recently, in an interview with Gabi Oliveira, in the Uma Estrangeira podcast, Fernanda Souza opened her heart and told the reason for having chosen to stop working in theater, on TV and on the internet:

“It was a huge challenge, because of my fear of flying at the time. For me to travel I had to take a plane, so it was always an emotional issue involved. Every flight was a battle. But I didn’t give up, because, I don’t know, you have an audience of five thousand people waiting in one place, so how are you not going to get on the plane? I was feeling a need to: ‘Man, if I can, if I have this privilege in life to take time off, why not do it?’ And then I did it”.

“On this journey I was canceling everything. In fact, not only did I not renew Vai Fernandinha’s season, which Multishow understood, but I stopped the channel, reduced the social network… I had already told Só Toca Top that I would only do one season. Everything worked. I stopped the play because I knew that, at the age of five, I would take a break”, completed the famous one, which began its sabbatical period in 2019.

“Then, when I saw it, I was already here in this calmer life, looking inside. Then I had time to look more inside, which I recognize as a good privilege, because not everyone has this possibility to do what I have done and still have done. I well recognize that it’s not a simple thing”, clarified.

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