FGTS profit is already being paid to workers

Profit from the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) will be distributed until the 31st of this month. According to the decision of the Board of Trustees, the transfers will be 96% of the income obtained last year, equivalent to R$8.12 billion.

In total, about 88, 6 million workers will benefit from the measure. Remembering that only those who had a positive balance in the Guarantee Fund until December 31, 2020 receive the profit.

According to the decision of the Board, the distribution percentage will be 0.01863517. In other words, for every R$100 found in the account at the time of calculation, R$1.86 will be added.

In this sense, to simulate how much you can receive from the 2020 FGTS profit, just multiply the present value in the account last year by 0.01863517. To make it easier, check out some projections:

  • Balance of R$1,000: profit of R$18.64;
  • Balance of R$2,000: profit of R$37.27;
  • Balance of R$3,000: profit of R$55.91;
  • Balance of BRL 5,000: profit of BRL 93.18.

FGTS Profit History

the profit of FGTS started to be distributed in 2016. At the time, the percentage of distribution was 50%, similar to the transfer of the following year, 2017. In 2018, it was the first and only time that the distribution was full.

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In 2019, the Board of Trustees of the FGTS started to define the distribution percentage, having an index defined at the time at 66.2%. For this year, the transfer will be 96%, with a total of R$ 8.46 billion.

Withdrawal of FGTS Profit

The measure does not change the FGTS release rules. In this way, profit redemption only occurs through unfair dismissal, retirement or purchase of real estate, for example. In this sense, while it is not released, the amount is used as equity of the FGTS for granting loans.

FGTS income

Annually, the FGTS has a yield of at least 3% + the Referential Rate (TR), which is currently zero. In addition, every 10th of the month, the accounts undergo a monetary correction. This year, with the distribution of 96% of the profit, the yield will be 4.92%.

In this case, the percentage exceeds last year’s inflation as measured by the IPCA (Broad National Consumer Price Index) by 4.52%. The Guarantee Fund’s income will also exceed savings, which yielded 2.11% in 2020.

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