First Amazonian dies with ‘black urine’ disease in Itacoatiara – In time

ITACOATIARA (AM) – This Saturday (28). She had been hospitalized since Friday (27) at the José Mendes Regional Hospital (HRJM) after presenting symptoms caused by the disease rhabdomyolysis, popularly known as “black urine disease“. The death was confirmed by the Amazonas Health Surveillance Foundation – Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto (FVS-RCP).

The woman was admitted along with four other family members to the UBS Basic Health Unit – Eudócia de Oliveira, after presenting the symptoms of the disease. According to the portal LCJ Notícias, from Itacoatiara, they had consumed the meat of the pirapitinga fish.

26 cases of the disease

Authorities are on alert after the increase in the number of people suspected of having Haff syndrome in the states of Amazonas, which continues to grow. According to the FVS-RCP, five more cases were reported of rhabdomyolysis in Itacoatiara, the ‘black urine’ disease. Altogether there are 26 notified cases of the disease, 24 from Itacoatiara, one from Caapiranga and one from Manaus.

In Itacoatiara, of the five cases, three are still hospitalized at the José Mendes Regional Hospital. All cases belong to the same family, they are four adults (two women and two men) and a child aged one year and seven months, who live in Vila do Novo Remanso, a rural area of ​​Itacoatiara.

In Manaus, the patient from Caapiranga, male, 65 years old, and another resident of the capital, 69 years old, are also hospitalized in a public hospital.

Understand about the disease

Rhabdomyolysis is a clinical-laboratory syndrome that results from muscle injury with the release of intracellular substances into the bloodstream. It usually occurs in healthy people, following trauma, excessive physical activity, seizures, consumption of alcohol and other drugs, infections and ingestion of contaminated food that includes fish. The clinical picture of the disease may include asymptomatic elevations of serum muscle enzymes (creatinine-phosphokinase – CPK).

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