For safety reasons, indigenous people move the camp from Praça dos Três Poderes – 08/28/2021

Installed near Praça dos Três Poderes since the beginning of the week, the Luta Pela Vida indigenous encampment is being remodeled and relocated in Brasília. Of the 6,000 participants in the mobilization, around 1,000 will stay in the federal capital until the 2nd, to monitor the continuity of the judgment in the STF (Supreme Federal Court) which should impact hundreds of land demarcation processes.

The decision, according to the Apib (Articulation of Indigenous Peoples), was taken in a meeting last Friday, after the Supreme Court postponed, once again, the conclusion of the judgment on the timeframe. The thesis is defended by ruralists to deny the right to land to peoples who did not occupy the areas at the time of the 1988 Constitution, but it is rejected by indigenous peoples, who pressure the STF in the opposite direction.

The thousand indigenous representatives who will remain in Brasília are settling on a plot of land in front of the Funarte (National Arts Foundation) building, close to the Mané Garrincha stadium and about 2 km from the old site, on the Esplanada.

According to leaders heard by UOL, one of the reasons for the removal is security, as supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) are expected to gather in the area for the September 7 demonstrations in the coming days. It is for this reason, in part, that the contingent in Brasilia is being reduced, and indigenous people have been returning to their places of origin since last Thursday.

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Despite the extension of the mobilization, however, it is possible that the process in the STF will continue without conclusion until the end of next week. This is because the ministers will only begin to present their votes after the oral arguments of 39 interested in the case. These lines alone can take up more than an entire court session.

The president of the STF, Minister Luiz Fux, guaranteed on Wednesday that the process will be judged before any other by the plenary of the Court, even if it is necessary to use new sessions from next week. There is the possibility, however, that a minister may request a view of the records, which will again paralyze the case indefinitely.

The second march of indigenous women is also scheduled to take place in front of Funarte, where the camp moves today, an event for which organizers expect up to 3,000 participants.

“We will fight until the end to maintain our original right to the lands that we traditionally occupy and protect. As part of this country, maintaining our condition as culturally differentiated peoples, even if public authorities and private corporations consider us obstacles to development”, stated Apib in a document published yesterday.