Gaby Amarantos comments on female orgasm in podcast and question with answer

Gaby Amarantos, singer, gave an interview to the podcast of Marie Claire magazine and talked about sex. The artist stated that she doesn’t need a man to reach the long-awaited female orgasm.

“I don’t necessarily need a partner to reach orgasm”, commented. The singer confessed that she got erotic gifts from her current English husband, Gareth Jones, because he is an open-minded man, but when he had a relationship with a Brazilian, things were not quite like that.

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“Our ax needs to learn that [sexo] It is a double way path. I put a lot of faith in these women enjoying themselves”, said in another excerpt of the interview. The singer is very modern, see that she appeared totally naked in an improvised carnival at the beginning of the year.

Gaby Amarantos is one of the judges of ‘The Voice Kids’ and prepares to debut as an actress on Globo in the soap opera ‘Beyond Illusion’, with Larissa Manoela.


We list some famous people who have declared themselves adept at having resources to satisfy their own sexual pleasure without male interference, just like the singer Gaby Amarantos.

Bruna Marquezine

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the actress asked the following question: “It’s 2020, doesn’t anyone have a vibrator?” The young actress confessed on the social network the importance of sex in her life: “Sex is the greatest exchange of energy between human beings”, commented.

Marcela Mc Gowan

In an interview with the newspaper Extra, in Rio de Janeiro, the ex-BBB even gave tips to fans about female solo pleasure. “The tip is try it! Play yourself! Enjoy! Break this taboo! Start with a more basic model and explore other possibilities. And most importantly, don’t compare sex with vibrators to sex with your partner. It’s an unfair comparison. A clitoral sucker, for example, will bring you to orgasm much faster than a person“he confessed.


On the presenter’s YouTube program Sabrina Sato, the newest presenter of HBO Max, spoke of the importance of always playing. “Today we talk so much about women’s empowerment, about women’s freedom, this is fundamental. For a long time, and still is, this pressure not only sexually, but in all areas. Self-knowledge involves the need for people to touch each other, the vibrator is an important ally of the relationship between two.”, revealed.

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