Gaby Amarantos shocks the web by giving a controversial statement about her intimate life

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Gaby Amarantos / Photo Reproduction: Instagram

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Gaby Amarantos caused controversy with his statements about his intimate life to the podcast of Marie Claire magazine this Friday (28). During the interview, The Voice Kids judge confessed that she uses sex toys in her sex life.

I don’t necessarily need a partner to reach orgasm“, revealed the singer. Gaby also said that these “toys” were gifts from her husband, Englishman Gareth Jones: “He is a man who has another mind“, admitted the singer.

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About to release the album “Purakê”, Gaby Amarantos will also kick-start her career as an actress. She will be part of the cast of the soap opera “Além da Ilusão” on Rede Globo, a plot that will have Larissa Manoela and Rafa Vitti as protagonists.

Recently, the artist celebrated 43 years old and told Gshow about her new cycle. ”I feel that I have matured, it was a very fruitful moment. I was able to stop and finish my new album. It’s beautiful, bringing another Gaby, more reflective and touching people through emotion”, defined the famous.

The singer also revealed that she has two “personalities”, the artist Gaby and Gabriela. “Gaby Amarantos, in fact, is Gabriela Amaral dos Santos on a daily basis. A person who wakes up, drinks coffee, exercises, who is very family, loves being with the children, listening to music with them. A very homemade Gabi, very basic. Because she breathes for Gaby to come with all that daring and glamor that only Amarantos has“he explained.

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