General Pafiadache takes over as the new Health Secretary of the Federal District

Army General Manoel Luiz Narvaz Pafiadache took office this Saturday (8/28), as the new Health Secretary of the Federal District. He was announced for the position, last Friday (27/8) by Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB). The act was signed during a press conference held at Palácio do Buriti.

Pafiadache takes over the portfolio after the head of the Buriti Palace has decided to relocate the then secretary Osnei Okumoto to resume work as president of the Blood Center Foundation of the Federal District. Ibaneis demands more agility to solve health problems.

“I’ve been saying that our priority is everything that arrives as quickly as possible for the population, which are our inputs, the HR issue and the infrastructure part. This is how we are going to dedicate ourselves and understand the entire system of the secretariat, which we already have some knowledge of, so that we can add our efforts, especially in this moment of pandemic”, said the new member of the governor’s team.

During the act, the head of the Executive released R$ 88 million from the resources of the Secretariat of Economy that will be directed to infrastructure, mainly in regional hospitals in the public network.

“This amount will be immediately transferred to the Health Department’s account so that all these reforms can be carried out,” said Ibaneis.


At the same event, Ibaneis launched a package of measures aimed exclusively at improving patient care services. One of them was the transfer of patients from Covid-19 to campaign units to free up beds in hospitals in the network and, with this, increase the capacity to carry out elective surgeries, accumulated during the health crisis.

Another action announced by the owner of the Palácio do Buriti, also focusing on the Health Department, was the authorization to pay for 10,000 overtime hours with the aim of increasing the number of servers available to perform these procedures.

“Those 10,000 hours are exactly so that we can work on elective surgeries that are being held back by the pandemic. So, we hope that, with this authorization, if it doesn’t reset, at least put the queue within a normal range. If more hours of work are needed, we also have the willingness and resources to do it. What we need at this moment is exactly to mobilize the teams inside the hospitals”, said the governor.

Ibaneis also signed another measure to hire new professionals to reinforce the work of the Health Department. According to the emedebist, there will be 80 pharmacists, 53 administrators, 35 speech therapists, five economists, five statisticians, five accountants, five system analysts and more 104 doctors, who will work in the areas of digestive tract surgery, trauma surgery, endoscopy and orthopedics.