Gil do Vigor embarks for the United States; check out the emotions of the farewell! | famous

Making a dream come true is what many seek in life, right?! And, this Saturday, 8/28, Gil of Vigor he is going in search of his own, as he has already declared! The ex-BBB finally embarks on his PhD in the United States. In his profile on the social network, he declared, remembering the BBB21: “What a crazy feeling, folks! It feels like I’m on the wall”.

There was even an outburst in the stories! 🤧

Gil do Vigor talks about the emotions at the farewell

Gil do Vigor talks about the emotions at the farewell

Soon, a shower of testimonials from followers gave that strength to Gil! 😍

‘Be very happy, Doctor Gil do Vigor’

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Gil woke up early this Saturday and remembered his life’s dream in Instagram stories: “I’m going to the States with this dream, guys.” He also said that “the heart does not stop beating fast, just like at Paredão… Sometimes it makes you want to cry, sometimes makes you want to smile”.

Gil embarks for the US — Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

Gil do Vigor talks with followers before traveling — Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

Gil embarks on his way to California, where he will study the long-awaited PhD in Economics. For this reason, the frame it’s chipped, which airs every Thursday on the More you, will be recorded on Uncle Sam’s land.

“I’m thinking about this PhD all the time. I sleep, wake up, eat, live, thinking about it. When I entered graduation, I was already visualizing the PhD, but in the Master’s the dream became stronger (…).”

Gil has even adapted his catchphrases to English and heard from Ana Maria Braga: “I’ll miss you coming through this door, Gil. I and the whole of Brazil have no doubt that you’ll win”.

Gil do Vigor takes an English class and adapts his catchphrases — Photo: TV Globo

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