Grooms send a bill of R$ 1,250 to guests who missed ceremony – International

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Have you ever had a party and thought about sending the bill to those friends who say they’ll go and, at the time, don’t show up? That’s what the couple Doug Simmons and Dedra McGee, residents of Chicago, USA, decided to do. Upon noticing a number of absentees at the wedding ceremony, they sent an invoice for US$240 (the equivalent of R$1,250) to each of the guests who did not attend the event.

They posted on social media the letter they sent to missing friends, “This invoice is being sent because you confirmed the seats at my wedding reception. Since you didn’t call or notify us that you wouldn’t attend, that’s what you owe us for prepaying your seats,” as the New York Post was told.

The ceremony was designed to receive around 100 people, at a resort in Jamaica, and so the couple decided to confirm whether each guest would attend the event or not. According to the couple, they sometimes asked the guests if they would attend, and they always heard affirmative answers.

“No one said anything to me or texted me saying hey, we can’t go. That was all I was asking for. If you told me you couldn’t go, I would understand, but don’t go without saying anything and still make me pay for you and yours,” said the fiancé. Despite this, the lovebirds do not intend to charge anyone, but they were upset with the absence on the long-awaited date.